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Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Music from Narrator

The Chicago based quartet The Narrator are back and are ready to drop their second album, All That To The Wall, on May 15th via the Flameshovel label.

Over the course of the album's 11 songs, the band channels the indie rock styles of the late 80s and early 90s. "Panic at Puppy Beach" sounds like one of the better songs from the early days of Modest Mouse. with it's near-jangly guitars and vocal harmonies. Big guitars battle with drones and swooning wails in the chorus of first single "Surfjew," where the epic "Decade In Kentucky" channels it energy throughout its many chaotic and unexpected movements. By the time the song ends, you're surprised to know it's still the same song. And at the center of this
Wall is the somewhat stylistic rendition of Bob Dylan's "All The White Horses," a song I was only familiar with due to its inclusion in my favorite drug movie Blow. As opposed to a choir of female vocals, the trio sings the lone lyric ('All the white horses in the sun / How am I supposed to get any ridin' done? Hmm) for 3 minutes while banjos and organs creep in and become more prevalent as the song goes on.

For all you locals in Chicago, the band will throw
All That To The Wall a little release party at the Hideout on May 11th with Chicago's Tight Phantomz and Mannequin Men DJs in the roles of supporting bands.

Download: "Surfjew" [mp3]

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Anonymous said...

This record rules! I admit to having schemed it already but I recommend EVERYONE go buy a copy. I was so-so on the first one and this really blew my mind.