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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Release Tuesday

I was listening to XM on my flight back to the city last night, and a song came on that just kind caught me. As I was trying to sleep with my eyes were closed as tight as possible, this trudging beat came on with some keyboards and programmed hand claps and then this voice kicked in. I know it was a woman, but it kind of reminded me of Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip with that convicting falsetto she delivered. I looked down at my arm rest and found out it was a song called "Rock The Boat" by Dntel. It is actually one of the many projects of Jimmy Tamborello, who is most notedly known for his work with Ben Gibbard as The Postal Service. For fans of Give Up, Dumb Luck is just what you are looking for and you know it. It's 9 songs feature guest vocalists Jenny Lewis, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear fame and Mia Doi Todd on the above mentioned "Boat." Heck, even fans of the Chip will dig this, cause as a fan of Hot Chip and more and more electronic music lately, it's definitely a fresh sounding record when I'm hearing a lot of the same things from time to time.

Dumb Luck [Here] /// [Buy Here]

The Name obviously gives away her heritage, but Charlotte Gainsbourg deserves to be living a life out of her father's shadow. She already has made a name for herself as a model and actress, and completes a trifecta with a new album. For her second album,
5:55, Gainsbourg channels her father's lush arrangements and plays with jazzy undertones for the song "Nighttime Intermission." Producer Nigel Godrich lends his helping hand to craft a record that will go over well with her new American audience (her first album wasn't made available upon its release in the states.) Pulp main man Jarvis Cocker lends a hand alongside Neal Hannon of Divine Comedy fame to make yet another record from across the pond that should make a lot of noise over here. Check out this neat vid for 5:55 track "The Songs That We Sing." Maybe you'll sing along, who knows?

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