Stranded In Stereo: Old Podrida Release Record, Having Record Release Party

Monday, April 23, 2007

Old Podrida Release Record, Having Record Release Party

I am a big fan when the music I list to has a sort of cinematic sound. It might make sense then that I have, of late, been enjoying the musically cinematic glory that is Ola Podrida.

Originally, Ola was started has a home recording project for film composer David Wingo. After scoring some films, he had returned to his hometown of Austin to write and record songs that were different from what he had composed before. A year later, Wingo returned to Brooklyn and began performing the songs live with friends Robert Patton and Matthew Frank, who would soon be joined by Johnny Christ and American Analog Set's Andrew Kenny. Together, they bring a sound that comes across as beautiful as it is bountiful.

For their self-titled debut, Wingo recorded everything himself at Home, and the results live up to their expectations. It's a record that is relaxed and warm, one you sit with the lights dimmed and have a drink to. I have a feeling, though, that they might be a totally different monster. The record is out this week on Plug Research and they'll be having a record release party at Union Hall in Brooklyn on Thursday. So, do me a favor and go see them and let me know if they're any good live since I'm too far away.

Tour Dates:
04/26 - Union Hall - Brooklyn
05/09 - Luna Lounge - Brooklyn
06/29 - Galapagos - Brooklyn

Download: "Lost And Found" [mp3] /// [Buy Here]

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kyle said...

they were really effing good. i'll have a review and some photos up tomorrow (i hope).