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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SIS at the Club : The Rosebuds

I often find a hard to believe that bands just get better and better and better; I always tend to believe that bands hit an apex, hold there for a few years, and then either hold on to that apex for their careers, or hit a steady decline. One band that just keeps surprising me with every album and live set is The Rosebuds. For my Memorial Day weekend, rather than hit up the first huge festival of the year, I stayed in Bean Town and saw Ivan and Kelly rock it out for the (record) fifth time. But this time, it was a totally different game when supporting Night Of The Furies. After seeing them as a trio for the last 3 years, this was the first show I took in with The Rosebuds as a five-piece, augmented by Portastatic drummer Matt McCaughn, bassist (and one time Rosebuds touring drummer) Giorgio Angelini and guitarist and super-percussionist Justin (last name to be inserted here later. Can't think of it for the life of me!)

With the expansion in the line-up, the band becomes a monster like never before. Though he was confined to a chair due to a knee injury which may or may not have been caused from reprising his role as a NCAA college superstar, Ivan Howard still entertained the crowd with his southern charm and sprawling about his guitar neck with mulitple percussion instruments. New numbers like "Hold On To This Coat" and "Furies" the song were performed with a more raw and rocked approach as if someone's nerves had been severed and it was before that state of shock set in. The older songs never sounded tighter with "Waiting For The Carnival" being performed better than ever before.

The true highlight of the evening was after the chaos of "Furies," when Kelly and Ivan did a slowed up version of "Wildcat" before Kelly helped Ivan down to the front of the room where I stood and they did their campfire rendition of "Shake Our Tree," with everyone singing along and clapping hands. They then wrapped it up with "I'd Better Run," featuring Kelly on a Barbie toy piano, easily the best song on Furies. More high fives were passed around, as Kelly made mention to me (something along the lines of) how whenever I'm at their shows, I'm up in the front and sing along to all the songs. I'm just a fan. Note to Kelly - sing more songs on the next album as well. You've got a voice.

The Rosebuds Set List:
Silja Line / Hold On to This Coat / Cemetery Lawn / Hold Hands And Fight / Back To Boston / I'd Feel Better / Silence By The Lakeside / Blue Bird / When The Lights Went Dim / Leaves Do Fall / Kicks In The Schoolyard / Get Up Get Out / Waiting For The Carnival / Boxcar / Night Of The Furies // Wildcat / Shake Our Tree / I'd Better Run

Download: "I'd Better Run" [mp3] /// [Buy Here]

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