Stranded In Stereo: MD Of The Week: Jess from WAIH

Friday, June 29, 2007

MD Of The Week: Jess from WAIH

This week's MD of the week is Jess from WAIH at SUNY Potsdam. Besides Jess being one of the coolest MD's I ever encountered, she plays the role of Dr. Mitchell on 90.3's weekly throw down, The Sex Show. Luckily, our batch of questions did not turn the tables on the aspiring therapist, though maybe it would be a good idea for future editions of this beloved column.

1. How and/or why did you get involved with college radio?
I originally got into radio because I was competing with my roommate, whose boyfriend was the Chief Announcer. I fell in love with the broadcasting room and started training right away.

2. Name five bands you are currently in to at the moment
Um... I love the new Yacht album. I play it while I mop my floors. It's very effective.
I rediscovered Depeche Mode, which was great because in the reruns of the World Series of Pop Culture they asked a question about Violator.
What else... I'm listening to Maroon 5 because I saw them at the Bowery.

Flyleaf because their tour with Family Values is coming this Julyyyyy...
And MAYBE the new Interpol album :X

3. What kind of show do you do? When is it on? How can people listen to your shows (do you stream online, frequency, etc.?)
Errrr jesus. I've done the Monday Night Dance Party... surprisingly, every Monday night @ 8pm. We play awesomely bad music you can't help but dance to, and also awesomely good music you can't help but dance to.
The Sex Show, Thursdays @ 11pm because that's when the overzealous Christians go to bed. It's about sex and sexuality... again, not surprisingly.
Continuing on the trend of self-explanatory show titles, the Pop Show which will hopefully be on Wednesday @ 8pm...
OH and we stream over @

4. How does your station help the community?
We're into sharing a musical experience with the campus and community, and lend our support in keeping the culture live. We're constantly co-sponsoring mixers, local shows (we're partly a music school, so there's no better place to find fresh talent) and of course parties. We're also fabulously good-looking, proving that you can indeed have a face for radio that doesn't shock and horrify the masses.

5. Can you give some advice to other MD's out there?
Be patient and understanding... it's a tough job, and unfortunately you were elected to do it. Talk to promoters, don't ignore them... they're pretty swell. And always do your best to bring the rock. That was a corny line. Don't print it. Just do your job and look great doing it.

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