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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Simpsons Movie: In Cineplexes Soon

It's the movie that has been 18 years in the making, and the one myself and several other fans have been waiting forever for, is finally hitting your local cineplex in 10 days. Or should I say googoplex?

Amid much fanfare and worry,
The Simpsons Movie is definitely going to fill up the theater, yet with what kind of people? Yes, it'll be 99%-110% Simpsons fans, enthusiasts and the like from all ages young and old. But what are the fans thinking? How skeptical are they? The show still pulls in millions of viewers after 18 years on television with no end in sight, but several fans say the show peaked around season 10 or 11, which would've been halfway through it's life so far. I still look at season 14's "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" as a highlight where Homer gets sent to rock and roll fantasy camp with Mick and Keith, Elvis (Costello), Tom Petty, Brian Setzer, et al. Or, season 12's classic "Trilogy Of Error" with everyone's favorite grammar robot, Linguo.

For the movie, creator Matt Groening says the writers have come up with the best plot possible to bring to the big screen (something to do with Homer saving his family, and the
world!?) A lot of my friends and co-worker's fear that I won't like it and it won't be good, but I'm looking forward to it. Alot of other people have been complaining about the marketing overhaul, what, with the transforming of 7-11's in to a Kwik-E-Mart? That Blue 'Whoo Hoo!' Vanilla in my limited edition Simpsons cup with Homer chasing his pig on it rocked! Have to get a Buzz Cola at some point too to pour in to my bowl of Kusty-O's.

Also, make sure to check out the official website for the movie, where you can play some games, view trailers, and most importantly, create your own Simpsons avatar!

Your faithful blogger, in Simpson form (and that is a SQUISHEE on my shirt):


The Simpsons Movie is in theaters on July 27th.

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