Stranded In Stereo: SIS V6: Landing and Arriving Your Way Soon

Thursday, July 5, 2007

SIS V6: Landing and Arriving Your Way Soon

For all of those smart enough to subscribe to Stranded In Stereo the compilation (as opposed to this wonderful little companion blog that I love running so dearly) should start watching their mailboxes as we'll be starting the mailing process for Volume 6 very very shortly. This is the strongest, greatest line-up SiS has seen yet.

What can you expect this round? Check it out:


Interpol - "The Heinrich Maneuver"
They Might Be Giants - "Take Out The Trash"

Ola Podrida - "Instead"

Robbers On High Street - "Crown Victoria"

Midnight Movies - "Souvenirs"

Buffalo Tom - "Three Easy Pieces"

No Second Troy - "Burned"

Go Motion - "Different In Time"

Pictures Of Then - "Instant Rocket To Glory"

Lay Low - "Mojo Love"
Verona Grove - "Goodbye Surrender"

Jupiter One - "Countdown"

The Mercies - "You Can't Stop Me Now"

The Yarrows - "Cellophane"

Sullivan - "Tell Me I'm Wrong"

Tiger City - "Dark Water"

Gogol Bordello - "Wonderlust King"

Bedouin Soundclash - "Walls Fall Down"

Chuck Ragan - "The Boat"

Drakes Hotel - "Broadcast To The Addicted"

Edison Glass - "All Our Memories"

DVD - videos:

Green Day - "Working Class Hero"
Young Knives - "Weekends & Bleak Days (Hot Summer)"

Midnight Movies - "Patient Eye"

Margo Guryan - "16 Words"

The Cribs - "Men's Needs"

Jesse Malin - "Broken Radio"

No More Kings - "Sweep The Leg"

Wildbirds - "421"

Ursula 1000 - "Electric Boogie"

Grand Atlantic - "Smoke And Mirrors"
Kava Kava - "Bank Job"

Loney, Dear - "I Am John"

Edison Glass - "This House"

Magic Bullets - "Yesterday's Seen Better Days"

Supersuckers - "Rock n' Roll (Ain't Selling This Year)"

Diet Kong - "Much Love In The Evil Sound"

DVD - Film Trailers:


The Simpsons Movie
Live Free Or Die Hard
Love's A Bitch
The Party

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