Stranded In Stereo: Jason Reeves Tell Us His All-Time Top 5

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jason Reeves Tell Us His All-Time Top 5

In the tradition of High Fidelity, one of the greatest books and films of my lifetime, our first ever guest blogger has bestowed upon us their company and is here to share with us his list of his all-time, top 5 favorite bands/singers.

Living in the great midwestern state of Iowa, Jason Reeves is becoming quite the popular singer on MySpace. To date, he's at #18 on the social networking site's Top 20 unsigned musicians. So, we here at Stranded In Stereo figure to celebrate his feat on making that coveted list, that he could share his list with us.

Take it away, Mr. Reeves:

1. Bob Dylan
Bob's easily the best songwriter in music. Is and was my
biggest, and did what can never be done again.
2. James Taylor
Nobody's smoother; his voice and melodies feel so easy and
free. One of the reasons I started writing songs.
3. Sufjan Stevens
He's the most brilliant, genius of a musician our generation
has seen. Probably one of the most incredible creators music has ever seen.
His songs are tragic and beautiful.
4. Pink Floyd
Nothing can be said about their sound. [David] Gilmour is probably my
favorite guitar player. They are vision and insanity.
5. Michael Jackson
I wanted to be him when I was a kid. His records are
Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad. He's the King Of Pop for a reason.

To check Jason's music out, and see how he lets his influences play a part in his music, check out his album The Magnificent Adventures Of Heartache And Other Frightening Tales) which is available through CD Baby.

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