Stranded In Stereo: Radiohead. New Album. Next Week.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Radiohead. New Album. Next Week.

Do I really need to say anything beyond the title? I will anyway.

So after the total hoax(?) that was, we were all delighted at midnight October 1 (England time) when Radiohead surprised us all with the announcement of their 7th album,
In Rainbows, do for release via digital download on October 10. Not going the way of the major label (or possibly even an indie label, only time will tell) this time around, the band is currently taking pre-orders on a download of the 10 song set helmed by long time collaborator Nigel Godrich. Pay what you want for the download, it's up to you (really it is, ha ha ha, insert one of the many funny lines that is going around the web about this prospect at the current moment.)

But wait, there is more!

Did you drop your $81 yet for the all inclusive, deluxe rendition of
In Rainbows? I know sure I sure as hell didn't, but that's only because I'm John Q. Brokeblogger. That $81 (only a mere 40 pounds across the sea; the almighty American Dollar sure is worth a lot, isn't it?) includes access to download the album next Wednesday, and then gives you the ultimate package. You get the album on CD, a bonus disc with eight additional songs (including my live favorite, "Bangers N Mash,") lyric book, photographs, art cards, and both said CD's on 'heavyweight vinyl,' all encased in a hardbound box, arriving at your doorstep right on time for the holidays when it ships on or around December 3 (Look up top at that picture of all of that stuff - gee whiz!) And, if this is all too much and you still don't mind waiting, there will be a standard release sometime in early 2008. Whether or not it is going to be through some sort of label has yet to be noted or determined.

If you frolic around the web, and go to just about any music related message board, you'll find pages upon pages about how innovative and/or how pretentious this whole endeavor is. Where once person exclaims that this is the greatest thing to ever happen to music, and that it's about time someone stands up and tries to show the industry a thing or two, another would cry foul and whine that Radiohead gets the pass from the press and is rarely given a harsh criticism on their music and innovations on the market.

So what do I think of all this? I think it's pretty cool, yes, and I'd love to throw down for the big ole box of fun they're offering. It's like a best friend of mine said, that this whole scenario pisses him off because he is still of the small percentage who doesn't download music. He's all about have the tangible package on the day of, and fears for the day when everything does go digital. And I'm the same way as well: I enjoy still to this day ripping off the plastic, putting the CD in, and (new step added for the modern age) ... ripping it to my iTunes only to upload it to my iPod. I, too, look forward to this album, and will be downloading it next week to enjoy it with the rest of the world. And maybe for Christmas, Santa will bring me the big package.

And if not, there's always 08. But will it come with the bonus disc? Oh the battle and how it marches on.

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