Stranded In Stereo: A Word With Jose Fritz

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Word With Jose Fritz

Another day finds another piece from Jose Fritz talking about KK Rampage's swan song, in the form of The Final Friend.

No matter how good the movie is, it’s always a little empty feeling when you turn that last page. You stayed up because you couldn’t stop. It’s late at night, and the suns gone down and all the sounds of diurnal life have died down to humming security lights and cicadas in the weeds. Then you flip that last page and the next one is white. You can stare at it all you want; your greedy goddamned eyes just make out the bleached wood pulp fibers making up the paper. This record feels like that.

To that effect the letter from Brandon that accompanies it reads like an incunabulum. I’ll quote it here in its entirety:
“KKR is officially dead. When we were living no one gave a shit. Now that we’re dead… people still don’t give a shit. Anyway… with KK we tried to make something different and I think with these last four releases we succeeded at creating something different and interesting and without-a-doubt something I’ll be proud of for years to come. Thanks for supporting our little band. We’ve got some new bands we started and we’ll keep you updated with those.”

Since 2004 they released 14 CDs, one cassette, three 7-inches, and three 12-inch LPs. This final release compiles some of their out of print material. It includes their second CD, the False Flattery EP, the Without Feelings EP and the Skull LP. Performance artist Weasel Walter provides liner notes that make for some of the best reading I’ve ever found wrapped around a CD-R. In it he reports three amazing things. 1. He reports that KKR once sent a dead animal fetus to a music columnist. (I’d like to report for the record, it was not me.) 2. He thinks they are vulgar, and get naked too much. 3. He likes their vocal harmonies.

In congress I’d guess that Mr. Walter met them in a pizzeria but never actually heard them, nonetheless a hysterically funny essay. If you can beg a copy off of an ex-band member I totally recommend reading before listening. The band is everything they’ve always been: painfully noisy, unbelievably insane, like a half-naked hobo running through a Chicago snow bank. The king is dead, long live the king.


Anonymous said...

KK RAMPAGE IS NOT DEAD!!! Check you sources!!!! We have new releases coming out in 2008 spring and summer. Various splits with Viki, Landed and more. Plus my side projects the DEVILS WITCHES and traMADOL have splits with METALUX. Ex Members like to pull stunts like this because they have no life and are not making anything new and interesting.
You may want to contact all the members before posting things like this which have a big effect on my band. thanks much.
johnny rampage

Johnny RAmpage

Jose Fritz said...

I shouldn't have to survey all members of a band to determine if they are or are not continuing to be a band. Next time I'll do a complete survey of bend members their mothers and former roommates.

Anonymous said...

My bad. I didn't realise you were still doing stuff under the KKR name when I sent him the stuff that'll never be released, Johnny. No disrespect. Word.

also... why don't you take down the old KKR stuff and put up the
new and interesting KKR you've been working on instead of having the old stuff up?

err1987 said...

teenage boys trying to impress each other. boo hoo hoo

Anonymous said...

terrible reporting. I just saw K.K. Rampage live last month. was pretty rad. I'll see them with Chinese Stars next month too.