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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Release Tuesday

A New Year is rung in by none other than new release Tuesday here at Stranded In Stereo. But do we really need to talk much more about the album that has infiltrated the lives of most bloggers the past few months?

Radiohead finally drops that tangible version of some In Rainbows record today that you may or may not have read about or downloaded for a price in which you named yourself, somewhere between 0 and 9.99. XL dropped the album in their native UK yesterday, and the 'Head's own TBD imprint unleashes the record today with help from Dave Matthews' ATO.

The question is, with an enormous number of people obtaining the album back in October, and some dropping $81 for that fancypants discbox (some copies are still available if you want one of those,) will they drop the $10 or so to have a real copy? And if so, why would they? Most signs would point to the fact that they would be able to hear it in a sound quality better than the 160kbps the band made it available for on their website. I'll be buying it not just because of that, but more importantly because of the awesome packaging scheme the band has developed for this!

Take that, Beck!

With the new year, Radiohead held a webcast entitled Scotch Mist last night, which found them performing some of the cuts from
In Rainbows, among other tomfoolery I'm sure (no pun intended.)

From last night/this morning, it's "Reckoner"

And as a bonus, if you didn't hear of the songs from CD2 of the discbox, my New Year's treat to you is easily the best jam on said disc.

Download: "Bangers 'N' Mash" [mp3] // [Buy Here]

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