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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Release Tuesday

After spending a few weeks collecting sales via iTunes downloads, our friends at Rhino drop the soundtrack to the recent indie fave Juno today. Made up mostly of songs by Kimya Dawson and her former band, The Moldy Peaches, the soundtrack also features contributions from The Velvet Underground, Belle & Sebastian, The Kinks, Sonic Youth's awesome rendition of The Carpenters "Superstar," and the film's lovers Michael Cera and Golden Globe nominee Ellen Page dueting on the Moldy Peaches' "Anyone Else But You." I'm happy to see the Peaches finally getting some exposure; some people think they are this up and coming band or a band no one ever knew existed. I'll always remember listening and chuckling with my friends during our senior year of high school six years ago. Welcome to the party.

Stream: "Anyone Else But You" by Michael Cera & Ellen Page [Stream] // [Buy Here]

I don't know why it is, my guess is to make an extra buck off people like me, but there's already a new two-disc director's cut of David Fincher's phenomenal Zodiac for your viewing pleasure. While just adding not even ten minutes of new footage in to the film, the real point of purchase is the plethora of extras missing from the bare bones version Paramount dropped last summer. This new version is filled with commentaries and enough features and documentaries on the real killings that shook up the Bay Area in the 1960s and 1970s that you could be an expert on the subject. Fans of Fincher have even said this two-disc special edition rivals that of his 90s cult hit, Fight Club. I'll keep you posted.

View: Trailer [Here]

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