Stranded In Stereo: Can't Stop Spinning: "Le Petit Coeur" by Peter Moren

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can't Stop Spinning: "Le Petit Coeur" by Peter Moren

Sometimes, I find myself listening to the same song and/or record over and over and over and over. And over again. This new feature will be used as a device to hopefully get you to hop on board of the same train as we enjoy hearing the same song on repeat and try not to lose our minds.

This time last year, it was all about
Writer's Block and that "Young Folks" song, and then I flipped my shit when "Up Against The Wall" was in that Levi's commercial where the guy pulls his pants up and the girl in the phone booth and everything else comes crashing through his floor. They also toured non stop, those three Swedes known by their first names, Peter, Bjorn & John. Since wrapping up leg 442 in support of one of last year's crowning achievements, Bjorn's been producing and remixing records, while Peter put the finishing touches on his solo record, The Last Tycoon, which dropped on Quarterstick Records last week.

Writer's Block
this album is not. Those looking for poppy, upbeat and catchy songs will find catchy but not so much upbeat. Maybe you will? Songs like "Up Against The Wall" and "I Start To Melt" could be found lingering in the mellow numbers that fill the Tycoon's room, such as "My Match" or my personal favorite, "Le Petit Coeur." French for my little heart, Peter uses a somewhat spoken baritone delivery over a light acoustic guitar, before his more recognizable pipes kick in over a nice string arrangement to sing the chorus in French.

Ma coeur fidèle, se malade, je t’embrasse, je t’embrasse
Le petit coeur, dormir bien, please awake, please awake
Le petit coeur awake

Now you can get this song caught in your head, too. Check it out at Peter's MySpace.

Buy: The Last Tycoon [Here]

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