Stranded In Stereo: North by Northeast 2k8

Friday, April 18, 2008

North by Northeast 2k8

Everyone knows about South By Southwest, or SXSW for you shorthanders, as the Spring Break of the music industry. But what do we do in the summer, us industry folk? Head to the Great White North, of course, to attend North by Northeast, or cleverly known better yet as NXNE.

This year's fest will no doubt be fun, as we touch down in Toronto for some music and lord knows what else from June 12th through the 15th. And who is participating, you ask? Well to name just a few, there is These New Puritans, Ok City Ok, We Are Balboa, Birds of Wales, and Last Days of April. And that's only the beginning. Make sure to head over to their site for the entire festival line up and to grab some tickets.


site said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.

mamon de mierda said...

This can't truly have success, I feel this way.