Stranded In Stereo: SIS Club Night #3

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SIS Club Night #3

They say that April showers bring May flowers. Well now you can come out rain or shine and say goodbye April, hello May with this month’s Stranded In Stereo Club Night at Rehab (formerly Club Midway) in NYC. Here’s the 411 on the where, the whom, and why you should show up:

SIS Club Night – Wednesday April 30th – 9PM - $3
at Rehab (formerly Club Midway) - 25 Avenue B - NYC
F or V to 2nd; F, J, M, or Z to Delancey/Essex


Breaking Laces [9:30]
Breaking Laces is a three-piece acoustic/electro indie rock band from Brooklyn that combines stellar songwriting, pure organic musicianship, and subtle electronic splashes to create a sound that is fresh, accessible and at times, mind-blowing. We dare you to peg them. Come on. Peg ’em. Others have tried - Weezer meets Elvis Costello, Squeeze meets Radiohead, even Martin Sexton meets James Blunt. Why so hard to peg: because they are original yet familiar. They’re real.

Holler, Wild Rose [10:15]
Is it better to brave rough waters or abandon the ship in fear of sinking? For Backlight Records’ New Jersey-based Holler, Wild Rose!, they assume the title of captain going down with the ship. But Holler survives the storm, as their debut album Our Little Hymnal, is a testament to reaching for the transcendent beyond the struggle of life. Known for drawing in their live audience with their obvious collaborative enthusiasm, Holler was named after Hymnal’s opening (which has become a landmark crowd favorite at their concerts).

The Teenage Prayers [11:00]

It's a risky business to meet your musical heroes. They can shatter your illusions in a word. Or they can turn out to be the people you dream them to be. So far, the Teenage Prayers are two-for-two on the winning side of that equation. In 2005, Grammy-winning soul legend Solomon Burke offered to produce a final track for their first album, Ten Songs, flew the New York group to LA and did just that. In 2006, Steve Wynn -- founder of the Dream Syndicate and 30-year hero of the DIY rock world -- watched the Teenage Prayers open a gig for him. He, too, offered to produce them. The result: Everyone Thinks You’re the Best. Best is filled with raucous melodies, a truly dislocated sense of time and place and lyrics that explore the dark corners of manhood and mankind.

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