Stranded In Stereo: Control, Joy Division Documentary Head to DVD

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Control, Joy Division Documentary Head to DVD

Last year there was a lot of buzz around the film Control, a chronicle of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis and his tortured soul, that was directed by acclaimed music video director (y'know, U2, Metallica - the good stuff) Anton Corbijn. Though I never got to see it when it was at the theatre, I heard the shot in black and white picture was quite the testament: it did win multiple awards upon its screening at Cannes last year. On a related note, I did really dig The Killers rendition of "Shadowplay" if I may mention that quickly.

Well, now us folks who didn't catch it on the big screen can check it out on our small screens when it comes to DVD on June 3. And for those who want an even more accurate depiction of the band who gave birth to the classic song "Love Will Tear Us Apart", there is the documentary simply called Joy Division which will be out on June 17. Put together by music video veteran Grant Gee, the doc compiles archival footage and chats with band members and other musicians about the band that once started out as Warsaw, but would always be remember as Joy Division.

Control Trailer:

Joy Division Trailer:

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