Stranded In Stereo: New Ed Harcourt Album!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Ed Harcourt Album!

I remember being in college when Strangers came out, and just being in love with that record. In a time when Coldplay and Snow Patrol were blowing up, I felt they were sucking away all the attention that Ed Harcourt deserved. Random fact: he's got a 2-disc best of out over there! He's huge! Why is he not big in America? Maybe he is and I just don't know it. He should be. "The Storm Is Coming" and "Born In The 70s" were epic; "Black Dress" made me get all introspective and sappy. "Something To Live For" is the best song to start a mix off with. If you can locate the MySpace for my radio show (like I'm gonna post that link for all to see in public view), you'll see that when that record was out I was playing it every single week on my show. Every week.

That being said, Harcourt is back next week with his new masterpiece entitled The Beautiful Lie. It's his fifth album, and Dovecote is unleashing it's sonic goodness in the states. In honor of this, he'll be making a stately appearance on The Tonight Show with Cona -- I mean -- Jay Leno on June 6. We're giving you the new track, "Revolution In The Heart," for free. Hooray!

Random fact #2: He's such a fantastic piano player, so fantastic that Nada Surf sent him a copy of the working version of "Are You Lightning?" and he sat down and played that beautiful piano part that .. makes me sappy, again, yes. Damn him.

Download: "Revolution In The Heart" [mp3] // [Buy Here]

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