Stranded In Stereo: New The Walkmen: You & Me

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New The Walkmen: You & Me

I've only seen The Walkmen once, and it was last March on tour with the Kaiser Chiefs and Annuals. Rather than try and make new fans, they more catered to their own, playing mostly brand new material when their previous effort, A Hundred Miles Off, wasn't even a year old. Either way, the songs stuck with me and are now ready to be unleashed on to the world.

The Walkmen's fourth full length (not counting their track-by-track rendition of
Pussy Cats) is called You & Me, and will be their first release on the Gigantic imprint when it hits stores August 19. Looking at the titles and listening to some of the lyrics, their is definitely some sort of semi-relationship concept involved. From missng one while away (the waltz-y "Red Moon"), to the maybe we aren't so well off ("I Lost You"), the album's 14 tracks continue to contain themselves among the standard Walkmen formula to a positive result.

The first track we have to check out is "In The New Year". While the guitars rollick during the verses, the drums come in before an organ is late to the race, chasing to catch up with the rest of the song. Stream it!

In the New Year - The Walkmen

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