Stranded In Stereo: NXNE 2k8 Preview (Ketch Harbour Wolves)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NXNE 2k8 Preview (Ketch Harbour Wolves)

The next time I set sail from a rocky, cloud-covered coast, it will be to the music of Ketch Harbour Wolves. This Toronto band creates music that is dark, yet it's not short on hope, as evidenced by the stark beauty of the instrumentation, much like The Acorn or The National.

According to their Myspace page, "[the band] hail from across Ontario while fostering a deep connection to Nova Scotia where in 2003 the band's predecessor, The Flying Buttresses, was forged in the small coastal town of Ketch Harbour. After almost two years of intense musical experimentation, near destitution, and enough stories for a lifetime of songs, singer Jonathan Tyrrell and drummer Brian Urbanik packed their van and drove the seventeen-hundred kilometres home to Ontario. It was back on familiar ground that they would begin to lay the foundations for what would become Ketch Harbour Wolves."

Check them out at Rancho Relaxo on Thursday, June 12th at midnight during NXNE.

Download: "Leaves" [mp3]

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