Stranded In Stereo: NXNE 2k8 Preview (Two Hours Traffic)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

NXNE 2k8 Preview (Two Hours Traffic)

When you listen to Two Hours Traffic’s Little Jabs, it’s a bit of a surprise to find out they’re not from California. The mix of solid guitar melodies, steady drumming, and singer Liam Corcoran’s pleasing vocals creates a collection of toe-tapping pop songs that are reminiscent of warm summer days. Little Jabs sounds like a more mature Phantom Planet with a hint of Nada Surf. It’s the perfect prescription for sunshine sing-alongs (there are some catchy “Oooh Ooohs”) and soundtrack romance. Two Hours Traffic has an addictive sound that you won’t mind listening to even after putting it on the shelf—I dare say you’ll look forward to revisiting this gem of a record. Check them out at this year’s NXNE.

by Erin Kapor

Download: "Stuck For The Summer" [mp3]

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