Stranded In Stereo: Lollapareview: Broken Social Scene

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lollapareview: Broken Social Scene

When @ Lolla: Saturday / 6:30 / Bud Light Stage

I've seen them twice before. The first time was in 2005, when a pre-"1, 2, 3, 4" Feist opened up for them at the 9:30 Club and joined them for her Broken Social Scene contributions. The second time was almost 52 weeks ago, one of those MySpace Secret Shows here in Boston, at the smaller-than-my-bedroom TT The Bear's. This time, I'll get to see them among thousands and thousands of other people. They'll play new stuff from the newest BSS Presents album, Brendan Canning's delightful
Something For All Of Us, they'll play stuff I'm sure from Kevin Drew's Spirit If... as well. Maybe they'll also slip in a new song or two like they are known to do from time to time. I'm kind of hoping for this one to woo the crowd: If not, I'll take "Stars And Sons" on repeat any day.

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