Stranded In Stereo: Department of Eagles Takes us In Ear Park

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Department of Eagles Takes us In Ear Park

Earlier this year, I totally really got in to Grizzly Bear. When I was in college I was all over
Yellow House like the rest of us were in the fall of 2006, but it just really hit me this spring when I revisited the record after spending too much time with that Friend EP. More recently, thanks to their stellar performance at Lollapalooza, "Two Weeks" has been on repeat in my head and at my home. Not so much for the bouncy rhythm and Ed Droste's lyrics, but more for Daniel Rossen's backing vocals of "oh's" and additional occassional words.

So I then found out that before becoming a member of the ol' G-Bear, Rossen and college roommate Fred Nicolaus had a little band called
Department of Eagles. I kept reading about them and their new album In Ear Park, now in my possession, I feel is the best transitional record from summer in to fall. It's dreamy and peaceful, splendid guitars filling up the mix overtop of interesting loops innerspersed with both men's contagious vocals. This is going to slowly become one of my favorite albums of the year, mark my word. Either slowly or super fast, only time will tell.

Their second album under the DoE moniker, 4AD will release the album on October 7th. I know Rossen is busy recording the next Grizzly Bear album, but maybe he can find a moment to play a few shows so I can catch them live (please please please please please.)

Download: "No One Does It Like You" [mp3] // [Buy Here]

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