Stranded In Stereo: Energy crisis? I have too much!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Energy crisis? I have too much!

For some odd reason today I am totally wired. Perhaps its from a lack of sleep or because I have been stressing for the last 4 days moving into a new apartment. Either way today is my first real day of breathing and I am way too jittery. Here are my top 5 songs to burn through energy to:

5. Boys in the Attic by The Mae Shi off of HLLLY: The Mae Shi thrash this 1:15 minute song, starting off with bass play alone then smashing right into a fully arrangement of crashing drums and loud guitar. Vocalist Ezra Buchla conducts this song with his distinct and original voice. This whole album could be my list but that wouldn't be fair.

4. Irregular Heartbeats by Tempo No Tempo off of Repetition E.P: I absolutely love the drums in this song, the make you want to move and pull strings that make your head bob and sway. The construction of the vocals are fantastic and the solos are so energetic that it is contagious

3. Set Fire to the Face of Fire by The Blood Brothers off of Young Machetes: Nothing calls for you to freak the hell out quite like Jordan Blilie's vocals on this song. From the start, this song is an eruption! Blilie shrieks, shrills, and screams to your heart's and pulse's content. "Set Fire to the stars on fire!"

2. Down by Boys Noize off of Oi Oi Oi: Down is a 100% assault of noise through your speakers. The mixing gives you few seconds to breathe within the song when it is not slamming at you. It is beautiful and brash. Down is adrenaline in audio form. Listening to it tires you out. Makes you not be able to write...

1. Dog by Sebastian off of Ed. Rec. Vol. III: Sebastian is the hardest DJ ever and his work on Dog is no exception. It is a filthy mix of metal and electronica that makes you grit your teeth with pain. The first time I heard this song I it gave me a flashback to when I witnessed Justice cover Master of Puppets by Metallica. Ugh so loud, so good.

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