Stranded In Stereo: SIS Club Night. August Edition.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SIS Club Night. August Edition.

Man, where has the summer gone? I feel like just yesterday we announced our first SIS Club Night way back in February, and here it is the end of August. We’ve now reached our seventh club night, and after last month’s awesome surprise of Ambulance Ltd warming up for their gig at the Bowery, we’re in full back to school mode. This month, three bands who are going to break it big, and it’s still only $3 as always

SIS Club Night – Wednesday August 20th – 8PM - $3
at Rehab (formerly Club Midway) - 25 Avenue B - NYC
F or V to 2nd; F, J, M, or Z to Delancey/Essex

Mirror Mirror (915)
Brooklyn-based Mirror Mirror has earned a reputation for its curious blend of music and performance, as well as its polymorphous membership. Chief songwriters David Riley and Ryan Lucero met in 2003 and quickly recruited percussionist Matt Bagdanoff, guitarist Jill Kaufman, and a rotating cast of friends, performers and guest musicians. Their unpredictable live shows incorporate theater, visual art, video, design, and even food. MM has played sold-out shows at rock venues and clubs, as well as site-specific shows at galleries and art spaces, where they have been known to construct mazes, offer massages to strangers and lead their devoted followers in song.

The French Exit (1000)
Recalling Chan Marshall's collaborations with The Dirty Three, The French Exit combines the bluesy, smoky songwriting of Chicago native Mia Wilson with the atmospheric and colorful palettes of guitarist Henri Harps and drummer Bryan Sargent (formerly of the math rock trio, Drill For Absentee). Together, the band writes and performs tunes with extreme dynamic shifts of sonic beauty. With a vast array of influences ranging from down home dirty blues to avant-garde jazz, The French Exit explores facets of many genres and brings them together for a sound uniquely their own.

nOISE cIRCUS (1045)
nOISE cIRCUS started as a recording project in April 2007. In the short, but artistically fervent time since, they have miraculously honed a style their own, considering how many musical genres get used up along the way. Not similar to, but not so different from Beck, one would be hard pressed to describe their elusive sound. Electronic, New Wave, swing, folk, hip hop, punk, dance music- it's all of the above. It's on top of this template that singer/lyricist, Daniel Kelly, might recite some odd, free associations and alliterations or maybe he'll tell a linear story about the zombies inside his head. The point is it's always different, and always exciting and always, well, unique. And also familiar in that I swear I've heard this but never quite in this context kind of way. The truth is, you'll be singing along in no time to songs about ghosts, devils, and robots. Trust me- these tunes are quite infectious.

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