Stranded In Stereo: The Stranded Local Q & A: Muy Cansado

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Stranded Local Q & A: Muy Cansado

You would expect a group calling themselves Muy Cansado to do something to earn that name. After listening to them, you’ll understand why the group may be “very tired.” Take the energy of 90’s alternative rock, mixed with a modern sound and energy, and you have Muy Cansado.

The Craigslist formed band (this is a common method of band formation in SIS, huh?), hails from Boston and has gained a respectable following in the northeastern since their founding.

The band is prepping the release of their debut album Stars & Garters later this month. Even better for everyone in Boston is the release party they’re planning for the album at the Abbey Lounge in Somerville, on August 15.

As always, we asked Muy Cansado to take a few minutes to answer the Stranded in Stereo questions you know and love by now. Front man Chris Mulvey took the liberty of answering for his bandmates, however they chimed in when they felt Chris wasn’t representing them.

Hailing from Boston makes us better than all those non-Boston bands because:

Boston has a rich history in its music scene, but the small size of the city allows you to connect with a lot of other local artists in a way that would be more difficult in a bigger city. I’m sure that people from most cities say this about their city, but there’s a great sense of community in Boston.

Name at least three bands that are still around and touring that you’d love to be on a bill with, and think it fits well:

Spoon, Radiohead & The Press. This was the list we all agreed on. Lucky for us we’re playing with the Press on Saturday (and have played with them many times before). They’re pretty awesome.

Your favorite Boston venue to perform in is:

Right now I’d have to go with the Abbey Lounge. It’s not the biggest, but it’s the most fun to play. Good people, good sound & good times every time we play it. They’ve got a great thing going on. Dave & Lisa agree

Are there any genres that influence your music conceptually, rather than sonically? (In that you can’t hear from simply listening to the music, but from getting into the structure or mathematics of the song-writing, etc.)

So many – I’m big into most different kinds of music in one way or another. Oddly enough I think Beethoven is a big influence on me conceptually. Beethoven forced me to accept the idea of not running from your influences. You have to conquer them. I haven’t done that, but I’m trying.
David said, “Mexican Mariachi music, because I appreciate the phrasing.”
Lisa said, “Opera because I like the dramatic delivery and emotional display. I also like the juxtaposition of the various parts and how they flow into/interact with one another.

Your favorite local bar to hit up when not doing the whole band deal is:

Tough question – I’d go with the Independent or PA’s Lounge right now, but it changes (I go to a lot of bars).
Dave was solidly in the Independent camp.
Lisa went with ZuZu.
If, like Voltron, we combined powers, we’d have to go with the Independent. It’s like home.

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