Stranded In Stereo: Hello, Hot Lava

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello, Hot Lava

A few weeks ago, my co worker had an album for me to hear. "I think it's very Rusty," he had said. Not rusty, as in "it's a little rusty-sounding," but it's Rusty, proper noun, meaning that it would be something I could get in to in a heart beat. The band's name in question was Hot Lava and their new album, Lavaology, was definitely Rusty-centric.

The Richmond based four piece have made an album that, like the rest of the other great albums I've mentioned this year, falls on the side of brevity. The 10 songs that make up
Lavaology come in at not even 30 minutes. The songs are super catchy, super poppy and best of all, super awesome. It's a lo-fi fresh breath of air, yet it sounds so warm, so familiar and so inviting.

Lavaology is out on Bar/None October 7th.

Download: "Apple+Option+Fire" [mp3] // [Buy Here]


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