Stranded In Stereo: Stranded Local Q & A: a'tris

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stranded Local Q & A: a'tris

A’tris has steadily climbed into the consciousness of fans around New England, and increasingly around the country. Hearing about the band quite a bit the last couple months, I have little doubt in their work ethic. They’ll be taking all that to Los Angeles soon to begin recording their new album with renowned producer Geza-X at Satellite Park Studios.

But for all the work they’re putting in, and all that’s about to happen to them, there will always be one a’tris story that will stand out to me: Mason Taylor, the group’s frontman, found his love of music through a Sesame Street keyboard, where he found himself pushing only the Oscar the Grouch key.

For those less familiar with a’tris, their current album, Lensing, is in stores now, and available online. Check out the group’s MySpace for more info.

Mason recently took the time to answer the Stranded Q&A. Check it out.

Hailing from Boston makes us better than all those non-Boston bands because:

We are better able to handle aggressive drivers on tour. :) We also have a lot of experience parallel parking our club wagon into extremely small spaces. Additionally, we've grown accustomed to staving off meter maids.

Name at least three bands that are still around and touring that you'd love to be on a bill with, and think it fits well:

Radiohead, R.E.M, and Eddie Izzard.

Your favorite Boston venue to perform in is:

The Berklee Performance. We just played there a couple of days ago and had an amazing experience. The sound was incredible and the crew was extremely kind and helpful!

Are there any genres that influence your music conceptually, rather than sonically? (In that you can't hear from simply listening to the music, but from getting into the structure or mathematics of the song-writing, etc.)

I don't believe that there are necessarily categories of film, music, or literature that influence the creation of a'tris' music. When writing I often take a magpie approach to the material.

Your favorite local bar to hit up when not doing the whole band deal is:

Unquestionably the Pour House in Back Bay. The Pour House has the best clam chowder in and around Boston. I know that many people believe otherwise; but they are wrong. I also love the atmosphere and the burgers there. Next time you're in the area drop by and grab a Hawaiian. You won't regret it.

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