Stranded In Stereo: New Amanda Palmer Video for "Oasis" + Interview with Melissa Mahoney

Friday, October 31, 2008

New Amanda Palmer Video for "Oasis" + Interview with Melissa Mahoney

All week long, I've been mightily obsessed with "Oasis," the latest single from Who Killed Amanda Palmer? The album finds Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer showcasing her solo material along with the help of Mr. Ben Folds who took the reins as producer.

What I'm even more obsessed with is the video and it's, dare I say, tongue-in-cheek performance from its cast of characters. Specifically, I'm talking about one Melissa Mahoney, ie, Amanda's "best friend" in the clip. We were lucky enough to chat with Melissa herself this week to discuss the video and the word on the street that she's a tough cookie to work with.

SIS: Who is the real Melissa Mahoney and why is she so unusual?

MM: I am the real Melissa Mahoney. I am so unusual either from listening to She's So Unusual too many times as a child, or because of my in-depth knowledge of abortion clinics.

SIS: Did you have to fight with Amanda to play yourself in the video? I mean the song does talk about you quite a bit.

MM: No, she was looking for me to be in it. I can be hard to track down, but she found me outside a bar in Brooklyn and before I knew it, the cameras were rolling.

SIS: Do you think of yourself as a celebrity now? Do you think this will be the open door to your successful acting and/or singing career?

MM: Well, I haven't been recognized on the street yet... we'll see. If anyone else drags me out of a bar, I guess I'd go along with it. For a video, that is. my only plan for right now is to try to get an autographed photo of Blur to one-up Amanda.

SIS: There were rumors circulating that you are very difficult to work with and have had run-in's with other musicians and celebs who shall remain nameless. What would you like to say to clear you name?

MM: I may or may not be going head-to-head with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View to clear up all of these rumors. Don't pay attention to everything you read in Us Weekly.

SIS: What do you think is the message Amanda is trying to convey to her listeners with the song? And does she really like Oasis that much?

MM: I think it's really about what a good friend I am, helping her out with her abortion like that. Even though I did tell everyone at school that she was a crackwhore. It was all in good fun. And who doesn't love them some Britpop!?

See the video for yourself, thank you Pitchfork:

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