Stranded In Stereo: SIS at CMJ 2008!

Friday, October 10, 2008

SIS at CMJ 2008!

It's finally here. The bands and the venue have been confirmed. The stage has been set. Most importantly, I will be there. All the more reason for you to attend SIS @ CMJ 2K8 style! Eight bands will rock your ass off for six hours on Wednesday, October 22nd beginning at 8PM at Rehab. Yes, it's where we have our usual monthly club night, but this isn't just our monthly club night, it's the end all be all of nights. And the best line-up we have ever through together. You don't believe me? Here is the line up, see for yourself and see you there!

The Real Ones [8:00 PM]
Five childhood friends from Bergen, Norway have banded up to create the Real Ones. Using different vocals, guitars, drums, a mandolin, banjo, violin and sitar, they create a sound that is recognizably psychedelic with some inspiration from African, Indian, and Chinese folk music. Three-way harmonies provide cute narration for stories about seasons.

The Boat People [8:45 PM]
Described in their hometown of Brisbane, Australia as the masters of perfectly unconventional pop bands, The Boat People have shared the stage with The Shins, David Byrne, Midlake and Idlewild. Aus legends Crowded House are where most comparisons are drawn, but The Boat People stand out with their intellectual pop of smart lyrics and sophisticated musicianship. Chandeliers, their sophomore album, was released in Australia this summer and the band releases the album abroad this fall.

Emmy The Great [9:30 PM]
Just how close can a floundering relationship come to unplanned permanence, and what is the last dice role in its interminable power struggle? We Almost Had A Baby is the delicately beguiling new single from Emmy The Great, the collaborative work of Emma-Lee Moss and Euan Hinshelwood of the band Younghusband. Baby It also proves indicative of the savage observations and stark admissions that comprise their forthcoming debut album. Cloaked in arrangements of disarming simplicity, Emmy The Great’s First Love is set for release in January.

Pale Young Gentlemen [10:15 PM]
Pale Young Gentlemen includes four young gents and a lady. The pop-rock sound is carried by melodies on the piano, cello, and harp. Although guitars and drums are also used, their songs are only based on basic rock elements--they experiment and play with those standards to create a fresh sound with energetic vocals.

Bamboo Shoots [11:00 PM]
Bamboo Shoots is a dance-rock band described as being "earthy" and unlike other bands of the genre. An explanation for the kind of warmth you might get from listening to them is their inspiration from South Asian/Indian music. Their music isn't the kind of cheesy music you have to dance to in clubs--it's assertive, energetic, and hard to get out of your head.

Go! Motion [11:45 PM]
Nebraska isn't known as a great producer of dance-rock bands, but Go! Motion is looking to change that reputation. Its self-released debut CD, 'Kill the Love,' owes an obvious debt to the '80s guitar-driven dance music from bands like Duran Duran and Oingo Boingo, putting the group in the company of modern artists Interpol and Franz Ferdinand.

Simon Says No! [12:30 AM]
While Norway may not be ground zero for many music scenes, there seems to be something pretty special going on there, which is apparent with the emergence of Simon Says No! This is a band that knows their strengths, things which they know how to get the most out of. Their raw sound recalls the glory days of Seattle grunge and the spirit of '77 in London, but the band is nuanced enough to flesh things out with a fuzziness that wouldn't seem out of place at a Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine gig.

The Hundred Days [1:15 AM]
The Hundred Days are only beginning what is shaping up to be a long career, so this could be your chance to see them live before you’re waiting in line having to buy over priced tickets from a scalper. The Owl Mag claims that it’s rare that new rock is so sonically arresting, while Performer states “"The bottom line is The Hundred Days write great songs and leave you wanting more."

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