Stranded In Stereo: The Blues

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Blues

Today is about the Blues, and by "The Blues" I mean the blistering post-hardcore outfit from Tucson not the long-dead-and-now-fucked-out musical structure of the 1940s. The Blues have made 6 tracks from their new album Heavy Sci-Fi available online for free download. It might be because they're nice people who want to give back to the community. Or they are crack dealers giving out the good stuff to the new customers so they'll come back next week.They've toured with Torche, Russian Circles, Ed Gein, Rocky Votolato, and Young Widows. They mix a hostility that really is only present in modern hardcore and blend it with a Jesus Lizard approach to noise. The volume dial is cranked to 11, the balls possibly bigger than The Bronx, and by "The Bronx" I mean the post hardcore band from Los Angeles, not the over-hyped-but-still-pretty-bad New York borough.

Download album here: [Mediafire]

Their previous albums Death & Taxes and Snakepit are absolute bone crushers. Their earlier album shad a Breather/Resist almost southern rock tinge that at the time I took for a nod toward eventual sludgedom. They did not go that way. They delved into metalcore, and ended up somwhere to the left of Botch and somwhere to the right of blistering.

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