Stranded In Stereo: Wild Light readies Adult Nights

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wild Light readies Adult Nights

Easily one of my favorite bands that I was introduced to at CMJ this year was the New Hampshire based collective, Wild Light. It all started as bands usually go - four childhood friends play instruments, start a band, play shows, make music, etc. They then became the it band of CMJ's and SXSW's of the past, were hand picked by some Arcade Fire band to share the stage with them, and have now been picked up by the newly rejuvenated StarTime International to release their full length debut,
Adult Nights, on March 3rd.

The 13-track set were written by all four members of the band, who made the album with legendary producer Rob Schnapf. The result is a collection of songs blending Americana pop, melded together by harmonies and intricate playing.

Adult Nights:
1. California On My Mind
2. New Hampshire
3. Canyon City
4. Surf Generation
5. Call Home
6. Heart Attack
7. Future Homes
8. The Party (Oh, My God!)
9. My Father Was A Horse
10. Lawless River
11. New Year's Eve
12. (Surfer's Reprise)
13. Red House

Stream: Various Tracks [here]

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