Stranded In Stereo: Final SIS Club Night of '08 12/17 in NYC!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Final SIS Club Night of '08 12/17 in NYC!

Another year has come to an end, but not without one more Stranded in Stereo Club Night at our new home, Fontana’s. Make sure you bring all your friends together for some yuletide cheers, some good beers, and of course, these great bands that will send you off in 2009:

SIS Club Night – Wednesday December 17th – 9PM - $3
at Fontana's - 105 Eldridge Street - NYC
B or D to Grand St; F, J, M, Z to Delancey

Their name suggests it, but you wouldn't think that Movie Scene actually consists of two musicians so young--Jordan and Jamie, aged 16 and 14 respectively. Maybe their age gives them an advantage. Their energy in music is something you might think only comes with youth--it's headbanging and full of intense love for rock, but it's not the mess than can be produced in a parent's car garage. It's polished, and creative and whimsical.

The Low Anthem is expressive, and to get that sound they rely on zithers, trumpets, World War II organs, Tibetan singing bowls, and hoarse but sultry vocals to accompany their poems. You might want to think that their lyrics are pretentious and pseudo-artsy, but it can't be helped--the lyrics are easy to relate to and yeah, they're pretty too. Their sound seems to move from whispers to howling passion, from acoustic simplicity to what seems like a foreign orchestra of subtle plucking, sharp percussion, and complete harmonic resonance.

Grab a book, pour a cup of a tea, and have The Library play in the background. The Library is a moderately modest collaboration of instruments--no loud trumpets, no pretentious obscure soundboxes. It's a pure, acoustic sound. It's relaxing and soothing, music you'll stay up listening to at 3 AM staring at the ceiling with nostalgia or wishful thinking or wondering if you should be going to sleep. You won't want to though, because their music is worth staying up for. "Make beautiful music" is apparently their goa because they're achieving it with their resonating lyrics and soulful singing.

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