Stranded In Stereo: New Release Tuesday: The Long Winters

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Release Tuesday: The Long Winters

For the past few years, since the apparently arduous recording process for
Putting The Days To Bed, The Long Winters have been the subject of a documentary. Titled Through With Love, the documentary finds the band tracking Days, talking shop with longest winterer John Roderick and the rest of the line-up. To compliment the studio footage, the band filmed a show at the Showbox in Seattle, capturing the bands ferocious rock on the stage. The entire set turned out so well, that while said doc sits in post-production hiatus, they'd release the entire live show.

Just in time for a stocking stuffer,
Live At The Showbox finds the Long Winters playing their biggest venue in their home town yet. The horn section is in tune, some Ben Gibbard guy beats on the drum kit and the facial hair is primed for its close up. To tide you over until you receive your DVD in the mail, Barsuk has given us Winters fans a nice little holdover - a zip file with three live tracks ("Scared Straight", "Clouds" and "Cinnamon") to download for the price of free.

Download: Songs from Live At The Showbox [zip] // [Buy Here]

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