Stranded In Stereo: SIS At The Club: Nada Surf

Thursday, December 4, 2008

SIS At The Club: Nada Surf

(Photo by Sarah Gagne)

We should start at the ending.

I was on stage. Daniel Lorca on the bass, pointed at me with his fingers, not his dreads, to get up their during the closing number. Along with a few others we danced and we screamed "Oh, fuck it!" And before I knew it, some pleasantries were exchanged and the night was over. My fourth time seeing Nada Surf was in the books.

They came out in the same 1-2 punch as in April when they were at the Paradise, the
Let Go pairing of "Hi-Speed Soul" into "Happy Kid". But then, a curve ball was thrown. Matthew Caws of lead singer and guitar duties informed the crowd that they were going to be playing old songs, more older songs than normal that night. They then launched in to "Treehouse" for the first time in 10 years or something. I was impressed.

Songs about living in treehouses would not be the only surprise of the night. Later in the set they would break out "Telescope" from their first EP,
Karmic, and even so a song on their first ever 7" put out in 1995. They also played "Neither Heaven Nor Space" in the encore. It was also around this time that Ira Elliot, drummer guy, played a beat on his electronic drum pad a new song for the fans called "Monkey Bitch". "Why you gotta be such a monkey bitch" was the only line of the song. He said there was a big chorus but that was all he had for now. He may or may not have mentioned the word epic to describe it as well.

(Photo by Sarah Gagne)

What surprises me still looking back after the show is that not one song from
The Proximity Effect made their set. No "Hyperspace". No "Bacardi". There wasn't even "80 Windows" and that was probably the only Effect song they played in April. Why phase out songs from such a landmark album in your career? Oh well, the night ended with "Blankest Year" and I was on stage and it was just so fitting to be able to yell "Oh fuck it" along with fans and friends and a band I've enjoyed since I was 12.

(Photo by Sarah Gagne)

Set List
Hi-Speed Soul / Happy Kid / Treehouse / Whose Authority / Weightless / I Like What You Say / Killian's Red / Fruit Fly / Inside Of Love / Beautiful Beat / The Fox / Ice On The Wing / Telescope / See These Bones / Treading Water / Your Legs Grow / Way You Wear Your Head /// Blizzard of '77 / Neither Heaven Nor Space / Do It Again / Blonde On Blonde / Always Love / Blankest Year

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