Stranded In Stereo: Band to Watch: Wild Light

Friday, January 16, 2009

Band to Watch: Wild Light

Wild Light features a repertoire that includes childhood friendships, high school homemade albums on cassette tapes, and early work with Win Butler of Arcade Fire. Now their debut album, Adult Nights, comes out March 3rd with producer Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck, Guided By Voices) on board.

Adult Nights comes out after busy touring with the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blonde Redhead, and MGMT at venues including the Hollywood Bowl. The album is equally as successful as their live sets have been. Although not as bold as some of the other bands on StarTime International, their music glows and echoes the work of talented musicians and self-conscious ideas of both childhood and growing older.

Even with your ears underwater while taking a bath and all the lyrics being played are unintelligible and fuzzy, the message of their music song still gets across. Their music is full of tambourines, occasional piano interludes, electric fibers, and post-college blues and aspirations. The New Hampshire band plays like an unavoidable zeitgeist, with textures and moods still emotionally-tangible through resonating and foggy instrumentals.

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