Stranded In Stereo: The Love Language: "Lalita"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Love Language: "Lalita"

So, I almost forgot to tell you anything about The Love Language.

Last weekend, they were with their Carolina buds The....Rosebuds, yes, and they were playing songs from their freshly printed up self-titled debut that they had for sale with some shirts back at the merch booth. They have this uber awesome lo-fi aesthetic about them, pieced together with some much catchiness that you would think Phil Spector produced
Alien Lanes. Buried under the fuzz and mess the listener will find Stu McLamb blending his distinct howl of a voice with sunny melodies that one will never forget. This is very evident in the song "Lalita," the one that I knew would make me enjoy their live shows, the one they tore up the stage with at the end of their set, complete with Kelly Rosebud style dancing with tambourines in the audience by keyboardist Missy Thangs.

This could be the year for the Love Language, because there's always a year for love. The album drops March 17th on Balden County Records.

Download: "Lalita" [mp3]

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