Stranded In Stereo: Monday Morning Newsletter (1/26/09)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Newsletter (1/26/09)

This is an interesting ploy. In exchange for spamming five of your friends, the band Cactus’s hooks you up with a free download of their new album Tropical Terror. They rock pretty damn hard and are playing SXSW this March. I don’t think the next album will be free. So go git it.

Mark Hoppus recently addressed rumors of a
Blink 182 reunion. Hoppus admitted that he and Tom DeLonge have kissed and made up and stated that "The future is wide open, but really you losers need to get over it.”...

Boy George is headed to the big house. Last Friday, a London judge sentenced the former Culture Club singer to 15 months in jail. He was found guilty of imprisoning a male escort at his home in 2007. If you recall he handcuffed and whipped a Norwegian gigolo with a chain in his London apartment.

This week we confirmed the rumor that actor
Joaquin Phoenix is preparing to release his first album. Phoenix received accolades for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in the 2005 biopic Walk the Line, but strangely his first release is a hip-hop album apparently to be produced by P. Diddy. I can’t even make this stuff up. It makes Dogstar look good.

Saul Williams
has just released a CD version of the Dead Emcee Scrolls. Backed by the Arditti String Quartet, the album has 33 tracks plus both instrumental and a capella versions of each song. You can download the album here.

The will of god was thwarted this week by G. Love and Special Sauce. After being struck down by an acute vocal hemorrhage last fall he lost his voice completely. After vocal chord surgery Mr. Love has decided that he is now able to return to the road in support of their newish album Superhero Brother.

Dead this week is The music networking site will be going dark February 13th. Not a strong company before the economic slump, they’ve become a casualty of high operating costs, and narrow profit margins. Add another name to the long list of things killed by George W. Bush. Damn you W! damn you!

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