Stranded In Stereo: SIS & Future Sounds Present: Boston (Jan 2k9)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

SIS & Future Sounds Present: Boston (Jan 2k9)

Cheers to the new year 2009 and another exciting event! Future Sounds and Stranded in Stereo are bringing the Rumble to the Boston area on January 27th at Great Scott (1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA). Our Rumble events present the best up-and-coming indie-rock artists who we think the world should know. This is your chance to catch them before they become huge. At 9 PM, Spectator, This Car Up, and Black Diamond Bay will start playing on stage. You and your friends better be there if you don't want to miss these great bands!

The night will feature the DJ talents of Jay from Clicky Clicky Music Blog.

Like Muse, Spectator sounds like a band that would sound even better live. But first of all, I'd like to give credit to what was put into their studio work. Their EP "Your Scars" was recorded with the producers of Coheed & Cambria and King Crimson, and it sounds good. Really good, actually. Each note played is indispensible to the song--in between the power strumming and heavy vocals are riffs that suck you into the song. The album can fill a room. With that idea I'm
anticipating how they would sound live on set--louder, stronger, and more intense.

This Car Up
This Car Up's self-released album is this: moody, depressing, poppy, dreamy, elegant and abrasive. They get comparisons to Death Cab for Cutie and Sonic Youth, and although their photos may seem like laughing candids, their music means business. Their lyrics are catchy, but it doesn't take away from the angst and emotion that is put into them. As to their musical talent, there's no doubt that their riffs, layers, and harmonies are impressive.

Black Diamond Bay
It started as a Patrick Krief solo project while he was still in The Dears. Now a full-fledged band hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Black Diamond Bay are bringing back guitar rock but with their own unique additions. They combine an ominous sounding organ with tribal-like toms banging in the background that hits your body. Or other times, like in the Beatlesque "Blue Mace" they create an epic blend of haunting strings, melodic bass lines, and wailing guitars so beautifully that you want it to go on forever. Black Diamond Bay is a diverse band that can go from a slow-paced emotional plea to a hard rock dance number instantly. They are a must see live act.

Future Sounds and Stranded in Stereo have a deep love and respect for the indie music community. Having produced successful events and promoted emerging indie artists, their collaboration promises to continue a tradition of supporting independent music, while at the same time providing locals with a place to party. Through the reach of an online music publication, indie rock internet radio station, indie retailers and online social networking sites, our connection to the music community is broad.

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