Stranded In Stereo: Superdrag Still Giants

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Superdrag Still Giants

In 2007, they got back together. In 2008, they recorded a new album. And now, in 2009, they are ready to share it with the world.

Off the heels of several sold out shows, the original line-up of Superdrag holed up in Lake Fever down in Tennessee with lead singer John Davis behind the board. Now recorded, mixed, mastered and ready for consumption,
Industry Giants will see the light of day on March 17th via Superdrag Sound Laboratories/Thirty Tigers. The 12-tracks that make up Giants finds the band honing in their trademark power-pop style ("Live And Breathe", "Filthy & Afraid") while also showing off a somewhat, dare I say, proto-pop/punk move ("Slow To Anger", "Five Minutes Ahead of the Chaos"). And though it was done on the albums Regretfully Yours and Head Trip in Every Key, the band takes turns on lead vocal duties, with bassist Tom Pappas taking command on "Cheap Poltergeists" and guitarist Brandon Fisher letting us know he's "Ready To Go".

It's so good to have them back. Here they are tracking "Cheap Poltergeists":

Industry Giants:
Slow To Anger
Live And Breathe
I Only Want A Place I Can Stay
Everything'll Be Made Right
Cheap Poltergeists
Ready To Go
Filthy & Afraid
You're Alive
Five Minutes Ahead of The Chaos
Deathblow To Your Pride

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