Stranded In Stereo: The Stranded Q&A: Big Dipper

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Stranded Q&A: Big Dipper

Formed in 1985 in the Boston music scene, Big Dipper has been around the block. As 1992 rolled around, Big Dipper was no more, until recently. On March 18th, 2008, Merge Records released
Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology. This "supercluster" includes Big Dipper's debut album, as well as their 2 following LP's. Along with a few other bonus items, the set includes a previously unreleased CD, better known as the "lost" album.
They might be from the mid 80's, but their fan-base continues to grow

1. Hailing from Boston makes us better than all those non-Boston bands because:
"I don't think being from Boston makes a band better than bands from other places. But I do think that the club and radio scenes were so strong back in Big Dipper's heyday (1986-1992), and there were so many bands competing for gigs and airplay and practice spaces that it made the good bands better than they would have been otherwise. I do, however, think that all bands from Dayton, Ohio are better than bands from everywhere else."

2. Name at least three bands that are still around and touring that you'd love to be on a bill with, and think fit well:
"Great plains (our spiritual brothers and former label mates from Columbus, Ohio). Paul McCartney (I think our good song-writing might rub off on him if he were able to hear our songs over the course of an extended tour). Camper Van Beethoven (our spiritual brothers from Redwood, CA)."

3. Your favorite Boston venue to perform in is:
"TT the Bear's... although perhaps the question should be changed to "Your favorite Boston venue to perform in WAS," since we haven't played there in about 17 years. This is a tricky question for a "reunion" band."

4. Are there any genres that influence your music conceptually, rather than sonically? (In that you can't hear from simply listening to the music, but from getting into the structure or mathematics of song-writing, etc.)
"This is a weird question. I guess the only real way to answer it is to say that everything we hear influences us as songwriters, in one way or another. When Dipper began, I tried to write songs that picked up where the Soft Boys left off. That didn't work out so well, but I liked the concept."

5. Your favorite local bar to hit up when not doing the whole band deal is:
"The "bar" in my kitchen, which is well-stocked with many spirits that make good fruit juice GREAT fruit juice."

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