Stranded In Stereo: Friday Video Round-Up

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Video Round-Up

So over the last week there have been some music videos that have come to my attention and I just wanted you to see all of them. Rather than just write separate posts I just thought I'd round them all up in to one awesome, videotastic post. Maybe this will be yet another recurring feature on the blog, though My Formative Years has just about run its course since I think all the albums on the mental/word doc list have been talked about. Or have they . . . ?

First up, we have what I think is the first official video from The Rosebuds. I'm a huge fan, yes. Kelly Rosebud's Facebook profile picture is one I took of her at the Middle East in January. I about fainted when I saw that. I kid you not. Ok, I didn't really faint, but I felt like I was five. ANYWAY - I don't think Kelly & Ivan ever made a music video, but now they have for the haunting brooder "Life Like" - I think it's like equal parts Bambi and The Most Dangerous Game or something.

Secondly, another first. That Wild Light record Adult Nights hasn't bored me yet - every time I put in another, I'm finding another song to enjoy. Here's the simplistic black & white video for the catchy first single "California On My Mind". I guess that girl is supposed to be Marilyn Monroe. I see her, think it's Marilyn Monroe, but pronounce it Marelynn Munrow like Jermaine's Australian girlfriend on Flight of the Conchords.

And finally, a first sort of, as in first video in, oh, I'd say 13 years. It's the clip for "Aspartame" from the newly reformed Superdrag. Their new album, and first with the original line-up since the MFY staple Head Trip In Every Key is called Industry Giants and will be in stores this Tuesday. Gone from this video are lighting cigarettes with dollar bills and singing songs in diner booths. Inserted are things blowing up and the guys dressed all in white and playing the shadows at times. If you're going to SXSW next week, make sure to catch one of their upteen sets they'll be playing - find out all the details of said sets on their MySpace.

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