Stranded In Stereo: Stranded in Stereo Volume 13 is Ready for Download!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stranded in Stereo Volume 13 is Ready for Download!

If you didn't get to SXSW this year (fear not, I am once again sans BBQ and sun in the cold and cloudy Boston tundra), we have just the pick me up! It's Volume 13 of our Stranded in Stereo sampler, hooray! This time we have 22 great MP3s to download from the likes of Nickel Eye, The Oranges Band, This Town Needs Guns, Halloween Alaska and Superdrag along with 11 videos from the likes of Blackmarket, Nico Vega and The Whispertown 200 to name a few!

Here's the rundown:

1. Nickel Eye "Brandy Of The Damned"
2. Living Things "Oxygen"
3. The Kinetiks"Lightbulb"
4. The Oranges Band "ArtStar"
5. Kim Taylor "I Am You"
6. Superdrag "Slow To Anger"
7.Go Faster "NHS Dentist"
8. Bang Camaro "Revolution"
9. Adam Heldrig "OK Goodbye"
10. Moto Boy "Young Love"
11. Paper Chase "The Common Cold"
12. Damone "Roll The Dice"
13. 1090 Club "ITSON"
14. Halloween, Alaska "The Hollywood Sign"
15. The Town Needs Guns "Panda"
16. The Lights Out "Money Or Time"
17. Copy Haho "Cutting Out The Bad"
18. Violent Kin "Blue Eyes"
19. Ice Palace "Thoughts Facts"
20. Dark Room Notes "Shake Shake My Ceiling"
21. Ann Courtney & the Late Bloomers "Don't Be A Fading Bruise"
22. Gliss "Morning Light

1. Aaron Thomas "Any More"
2. Django James & the Midnight Squires "Hurricane"
3. Blackmarket "Night In Question"
4. Nico Vega "Burn Burn"
5. Olympus Mons "Let The First Time Be The Last"
6. Mad Staring Eyes "Walking in the Streets"
7. Bang Bang Eche "4 to the Floor"
8. Midnight Youth "The Letter"
9. Operahouse "Genius Child"
10. The Brothers Movement "Blind"
11. Whispertown 2000 "Old Times"

Download: SIS v13 Audio [here] // SIS v13 Video [here]


blackapino09 said...

good mix of songs. glad they put in 1090 club said...

So, I don't actually suppose it will have effect.