Stranded In Stereo: Monday Morning Newsletter (4-13-09)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning Newsletter (4-13-09)

In an open letter PETA has asked the Pet Shop Boys to rename themselves the Rescue Shelter Boys. The looney civic group defended the letter, explaining that "most dogs and cats sold in pet shops are sourced from profit-hungry breeders who may have bred them in cramped, filthy conditions." The Pet shop Boys politely rebuffed them.

This April 17th ShadyVille Dj's King Magnetic is hosting a release party for his album The King and The Cauze at the sterling Hotel Allentown. It’s hard to be a rapper in coal country. It's already available as a free download here.

The Beatles are releasing a complete remastered catalog on September 9th. It’s the same day as The Beatles: Rock Band video game will be out. A digital realize is still being held up by Steve Jobs. It’s that ongoing argument between Apple Inc. and Apple Corp. damn you Steve Jobs!

Slightly less climactic is Beck’s decision to reissue his 1994 album One Foot in the Grave. The double disc release is planned for April 14th. In addition to the original 16 tracks, the second disc includes 13 unreleased tracks.

Anticon has made theFREEhoudini , a free uber-mix available as a free download. The 39-minute-long mix features appearances from Buck 65, Aesop Rock, Busdriver, Lionesque, Slug of Atmosphere, D-Styles, DJ Baku, Pedestrian, Sole, Serengeti, and Yoni Wolf and Odd Nosdam as cLOUDDEAD

Ferret Music has signed Revolution Mother. The Long beach California locals are now planning their second release "Rollin' With Tha Mutha" for a July 07th debut. Warning to liquor stores: stock up on Yeager.

Hell has frozen over and Ted Nugent is reuniting his old acid rock band The Amboy Dukes. April 17 The Amboy Dukes are receiving a Distinguished Achievement Award at the annual Detroit Music Awards. The groups appearance at the show will be their first since 1968. Nugent has described the Dukes as "the world's greatest garage band.” Which regardless of his ego... is somewhat accurate.

Billy Bob Thornton has canceled his band’s Canadian tour. It all goes back to Billy Bob’s CBC interview. The irritable actor compared Canadian fans to mashed potatoes without gravy. Despite the bland insult Canucks revolted. At a post-interview show in Toronto Thursday the band was soundly booed.

Rapper Kanye West appears in the news twice this week: Once for expanding his brand with a new sports beverage, and once for being parodied as a homosexual fish on South Park. West will soon have his own energy drink through GURU Beverages. The money will be spent on therapy to get over that whole gay fish cartoon thing.

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