Stranded In Stereo: Peter Bjorn & John on The Interface

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Peter Bjorn & John on The Interface

So, I still can't stop spinning Living Thing, the new Peter Bjorn & John long player, and with every listen I always get these vivid daydreams of how they will pull all of this off in a live setting. And then I checked my inbox and it appears that the swedes completed an AOL Spinner session playing all my favorites from the album. Even that nod to Graceland in the title track.

My only complaint is that the songs don't sound as meaty, but maybe it's because it is just the three of them in a room. Maybe at the club and when the bass will be heavier and in my face it won't feel so hollow. You be the judge.

Here's "It Don't Move Me"

Check out "Nothing To Worry About", "Lay it Down" and "Living Thing" at the Spinner site.

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