Stranded In Stereo: The Stranded Q&A: Fly Upright Kite

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Stranded Q&A: Fly Upright Kite

From left to right, Liam, Holland, Jarred, and Asad form the Boston-based band Fly Upright Kite, who are having their Boston CD Release Party TONIGHT @ Great Scott in Allston. This is their second EP release, "Weightless."

With a dynamic blend of indie rock, Fly Upright Kite's music resonates deeply with each listener and viewer, as they make both the music and performance an emotional experience as well as a musical one. You can check out their music @, where you will find all 6 tracks off their new EP currently streaming.

1. Hailing from Boston makes us better than all those non-Boston based bands because:
"We know how to survive the ever changing weather conditions and the over saturated music scene! Hah."

2. Name at least 3 bands that are still around and touring that you'd love to be on a bill with, and think its fits well:
"Jeremy Enigk (sunny day real estate), Circa Survive, As Tall As Lions, Copeland, Jimmy Eat World."

3. Your favorite Boston venue to perform in is:
"Middle East (upstairs or downstairs)."

4. Are there any genres that influence your music conceptually, rather than sonically? (In that you can't hear from simply listening to the music, but from getting into the structure or mathematics of the song-writing, etc.)
"I'd say we value strong songwriting as a priority, coming from any genre, and from there it is really a mix of a lot of styles: indie rock, ambient music, groove and rhythm based music, music that tends to be catchy but in an unconventional manner (not just the standard pop song), such as Radiohead's writing."

5. Your favorite local bar to hit up when not doing the whole band deal is:
"Well, we sometimes have band meetings at the Model Cafe or Silhouette Lounge in Allston... I dig Precinct in Union Square personally..but there are definetly some cool spots around all over the place for sure."

Don't forget, you can check out Fly Upright Kite @ Great Scott in Allston Tonight 4/29!!!

If you can't make the show, check out their myspace @, or get a sample of their music here:
Download: "October Ghost" [mp3]


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