Stranded In Stereo: New Foreign Born Album, Video

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Foreign Born Album, Video

Three random facts I learned this morning from Foreign Born via their Wikipedia page:

1. They formed in San Francisco in 2003 before relocating to Los Angeles
2. They were featured in the pilot episode of
Chuck, playing in the background during a nightclub scene.
3. Their first two releases (a 7" single and an EP) came out on StarTime International

What said Wiki page regrets to inform the world of is the band's new album,
Person to Person, on that Secretly Canadian label I kind of enjoy immensely. The band seems to blend the best parts of bands like the French Kicks and The Joggers and make their own brand of sunny pop/rock/folk songs of awesome.

The band recently shot a clip for lead track "Blood Oranges" from a Swedish TV show that is trying to be Takeaway Show. I think they succeed.

To hear more, why not download this MP3 of the
Person jam "Vacationing People", would you?

Download: "Vacationing People" [mp3]

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