Stranded In Stereo: Matador Sign Harlem

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Matador Sign Harlem

So this time last year, I was getting bored with music. And it's not that I'm necessarily bored again this year but I just needed something new. And I've been listening to WOXY and now I know where our own D. Sloan finds a bunch of good things. The following is something I did not find via the Future of Rock 'n Roll.

hail from my future paradise of Austin, Texas. I took a look at them and was intrigued. I put on the video for "Think I'm Thinkin' Bout" and it's a house party. It's something else. It's all funky and junky and jankly and pure. It's probably been done by a shit ton of bands before: they're a step above Times New Viking, but the track "Disneyland," also on their album Free Drugs, starts out staticy and reminded me of something on an Ariel Pink record. Guess it sounds like Black Lips, too.

So, congrats to Harlem. Matador will issue their next album in 2010. Free Drugs is out now via Female Fantasy.


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