Stranded In Stereo: New Soft Reeds EP Available For Download. For Free.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Soft Reeds EP Available For Download. For Free.

I remember sometime in last year discussing Soft Reeds, the new project from former Golden Republic frontman Ben Grimes. He had some songs up on his MySpace, and now after spending the months of April and May recording them at home in Nashville, he wants you to hear what he has come up with.

The oh-so-aptly titled
Three Songs by Soft Reeds features two songs you might've heard before on the said MySpace page - his take on the what was once a Golden Republic song, was then the lead single from The Republic Tigers and now Soft Reeds takes a stab at "Buildings & Mountains" and my jam "Thick of Thin Things". In the middle of those two songs is the super 80s swagger of "This Affair." According to the Soft Reeds site a full length is in the works; just give the world "Hemel Dalingen" and I'll be happy for life.

Download: Three Songs By Soft Reeds [here]

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