Stranded In Stereo: Mumford and Sons Sign to Island UK

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mumford and Sons Sign to Island UK

It was a rainy day in London in May '08 and I had just returned from a short pilgrimage up North (Leeds, to be exact) and I was wedging in a few meetings before heading down to Brighton for the Great Escape. One of the meetings was with Laura Marling's management, who insisted that I see Mumford and Sons that night.

I made it to Sallis Benney Theatre just before the band was to go on, and honestly, it was love at first sight. By the end of their first song, I was sold -- the music was enrapturing, and I've been an obsessive ever since. First it was "White Blank Page," then "Little Lion Man," then "Sigh No More," and now "Dust Bowl Dance." The band has s many songs to love, which is why I am ecstatic about their debut album, which is called Sigh No More, and will be out in October on Island in the UK.

No word on a US label, but like most bands like this, the album will likely see a release here early next year with a lukewarm promotional push. Let's hope that doesn't happen -- this band deserves better.

[mp3]: "White Blank Page" (BBC Radio Session)

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