Stranded In Stereo: SIS At The Cinema: Big Fan

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SIS At The Cinema: Big Fan

Now that Rusty isn't around here to spout off about Jerry "Look at me" Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, we can delve into more interesting football topics, like the Philadelphia Eagles. While Big Fan, starring Patton Oswalt, is about a 35 year old fan of the New York Giants who receives a beatdown by one of his idols, if you look closely at the end of the trailer, it would seem that Oswalt is wearing a Donovan McNabb jersey.

So what could it be? A dream sequence? Oswalt feels as though the Giants failed him and turns to their hated rivals?

Team allegiances aside, this looks like an excellent film, one that should be worth checking out whether you're a football fan or not.

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